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Unpacking After Moving House

How to Unpack After Moving House

Since you’ll be tired after moving to the new place, you will most probably take at least ten minutes of rest to catch your breath. How long to unpack after moving, is up to you. Hopefully, you did a good pre-tenancy cleaning, because if you haven’t…



  • Start with cleaning up every room. Unfortunately, it’s always about cleaning, otherwise, results won’t be good. Hopefully, you prepared a box of cleaning detergents beforehand so you don’t have to walk around wondering where they are packed.
  • Open box of essentials first. Open it now and find all your essential items, such as toilet paper, toothbrush, snacks, a change of clothes, and anything you can’t get by without.
  • Open “bathroom” labelled boxes. Find the box, labelled “bathroom” and unpack. This is the easiest room since all the furniture is installed beforehand. Place all your hygiene products, toilet paper, bathroom cleaning detergents, shower curtain and just about anything you’re going to have there.



  • Arrange the furniture. It would have been a lot better to tell the movers where to place each piece upon arriving since it’s usually part of the service. It would have been a real help unpacking after a move. But if you haven’t made a plan for that beforehand and the furniture is just put wherever, now is the time to arrange it.
  • Arrange the closets. We proceed with closets since once you arrange all your clothes, you close the doors and move on to the next thing without creating a mess that can make walking difficult.
  • Arrange the cabinets. Just like with clothes, anything that is going to stay in just one place should be out there. Books, old clocks, electronics, and everything else should get out of the way like this.
  • Put up the wall decorations. Wall pictures, posters, curtains won’t pose any difficulty, so, get them out of your way.
  • Roll the carpets. Carpets come in last since they would only get in the way if we placed them in the beginning.

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